Eric Brooke of (Tigers 2002 Team) travels with a group of athletes to Paraguay using soccer as a component of community development, running sports clinic, construction of sports complex for the local school, relationship building projects and encouraging and supporting youth of local Aregua, Paraguayan communities.

Eric would like to thank his club for supporting with soccer gears and equipment for under privileged Paraguayan kids.

The main purpose of the trip is expressed as follows: by “partnering with SportAid, we believe that sport can play a large role in contributing to a larger vision…. bringing people together and developing deeper, lasting relationships.”

BC Tigers is committed to ongoing in-season evaluations of Metro and PDS and Elite teams. Rather than base team formation strictly on end of season "tryouts", we strive, particularly for U8 to U18 teams, to evaluate players throughout the season in phases.

(Please note - if you have missed the scheduled try-out/evaluation  - you can email us and request one.)


Read more: Player Try-Out/Evaluation Schedule

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