BC Tigers is committed to ongoing in-season evaluations of Metro and PDS and Elite teams. Rather than base team formation strictly on end of season "tryouts", we strive, particularly for U8 to U18 teams, to evaluate players throughout the season in phases.

(Please note - if you have missed the scheduled try-out/evaluation  - you can email us and request one.)



Every year the Club registers new players and several players are unable to attend some or all of the phases sessions due to being unaware of evaluation dates, out of town, being new to the club or missed opportunity.

Try- Out/ player evaluations are necessary in order to:


Understand what players are interested in returning to play at the Elite level

  1. Further, evaluate/compare players from lower levels
  2. Evaluate players new to the community and club.
  3. Evaluate players attending from other clubs
  4. Assess the ability to add another team if high numbers and ability of players allows
  5. Assess whether to reduce teams due to low numbers and ability of players



BC Tigers Football Club will conduct a smooth, and transparent player assessment that is based on the principles of play as emphasised by BC Soccer’s Long Term Player Development Pathway.


Every player should be placed on an appropriate team, and level of play based on their assessed ability


This will help the player to continue developing in the game.


Here's what to do:

  1. Arrive 30 minutes before to field based on schedule below
  2. Sign Up at the BC Tigers Tent at the Field.
  3. Put on Pinnie given after sign up
  4. Complete Day 1 and Day 2 Evaluation.
  5. Players selected for Metro and Elite Teams will be contacted 72 hours after Day 2 Evaluation.



SURREY FIELD LOCATION ADDRESS:                                        
Newton Athletic Park - NAP 6 Grass 7395 128 Street                         
Newton Athletic Park - NAP 3 Turf - 7395 128 Street                          
Tom Binnie Park - Turf - 13458 105A Avenue Surrey                          


Try Out Fields Table v3

Team coaches are responsible for selecting the players, however club staff must approve the final selections after they have verified the selections have been fair, honest and accurate.

Decisions to select a player are based on a multitude of different perspectives such as:

Athletic ability, Technical ability, Tactical ability

Attacking attributes, Defensive attributes, Positional attributes

Attitude, Attendance, Positional needs of team

A combination of everything above

If you have any question, please call Kulwinder Maan at 604.328.0417