BC Tigers FC is pleased to provide indoor Gym use for Teams that signed up. 

Please ensure all gyms are left clean and in a respectable manner. (no food inside school gyms) 

Proper Indoor Shoes only in Gyms. (No Cleats or Soccer Boots - makes mark on Gym Floor)

Always keep a copy of Gym permit with you.

Note dates  the gyms are not available (marked "EXCLUSION")

Last team to use the Gym - Please close the Gym Door 


Select School for Gym Use Permit

Senator Reid Elementary School 

Senators Reid Elementary Permit 2

Green Timber Elementary School

AHP Mathews Elementary School

David Brankin Elementry School

Betty Huff Elementary School

MB Sanford Elementary School 

Chimney Hill Elementary School

Newton Elementary School 

FD Sinclair Elementary School

Strawberry Hill Elementary School 

Brookside Elementary School 

Bear Creek Elementary School