Open Invitation to BC Tigers Player / Team Selection ID Camp


BC Tigers FC is hosting a FREE Player ID and Team selection for all players born 2011-2005.

BC Tigers is pleased to announce that we will have our players’ evaluations for 2022-2023 starting the first week of March 2022 and as per the schedule below.

BC Tigers’ ability to evaluate players or determine suitability for a particular level of play will be limited to the player’s individual skills, fitness and not their game awareness.

Newly Registered players, as well as those returning, will therefore be evaluated at the age and level team training sessions by our TD and qualified team coaches.

New players joining the club will enter a team at the level they want to play and undergo the assessment with the whole team.

We invite all Boys and Girls to try out for our teams for the 2022 season.


Aim and Objective
  • Run/Conduct a smooth, and transparent player assessment that is based on the principles of play (i.e. Attacking & Defending), and supported by the Long Term Player Development Program (LTDP)

 To place every player on the appropriate team, and level – dictated by the players’ ability. This will help the player to continue developing in the game

  • Method Of  Assessment/Evaluation
  • Use Small Sided Game (SSG) ranging from 4v4 to 8v8 and 11v11 where required and needed
    • When we have several grids, One to two players will be rotated/moved by Evaluation Staff from grid to grid after about 5 minutes of continuous play in the grid the Staff in question is evaluating
    • Grid Size may range from 20×30 to higher grid size based on player ability, technical, and tactical factors. Players are evaluated by a group of qualified and experienced evaluators.
    • At the end of any given try-out session. ALL players who attended that level will be contacted by a club representative.
    • Players making the ‘team’ will be contacted by the coach and must commit to the team within 24 hours or the next player listed will be contacted and the original player will have given up her spot.
    • Any player who attends tryouts will be placed on a team.
    • If try-out cuts are made and there is a final date, any player not making the top level will automatically be placed at the next level. 
  • Goalkeeper  Evaluations

In today’s (modern) game, goalkeepers are required to be nearly as good with their feet as infield players. Hence, it is important that this factor is taken into account when assessing/evaluating keepers. The following components will be taken into account during evaluation sessions:

  • Footwork
  • Basic Handling Techniques
  • Catching Highballs
  • Making Recovery Saves
  • Reaction Saves
  • Ball Distribution (i.e. with both hands, and feet)

If you have any questions please contact BC Tigers Technical Director, Patrick Prele at: or cell phone-778-960-2477.

See you all at the pitch.