BC Tigers FC believes that everyone involved in soccer to have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive environment. The Health and Safety of all participants are important as we experience extreme heat conditions.

We have adopted BC Soccer’s Extreme Heat, Preventative Measures & Potential Risk Guidelines.

These guidelines with more details are shared with all team coaches and staff and referee coordinators.

Based on the Index above the Club has requested Coaches and Game Officials to err on the side of caution by determining current temperature to: ( Click Here more detailed version )

Allow extra breaks for water and cooling off

Inform parents to bring enough water

Shorten Game and Practice time.

Assess early warning signs as listed on the guideline.

Laws of the Game Allowance:  Law 7 within the Laws of the Game allowance for medical stoppages permitted by competition rules, e.g. ‘drinks’ breaks and ‘cooling’ breaks